Beware of Oklahoma donation scams


Chicago- Attorney General Lisa Madigan warned donors today to watch out for fundraising scams helping the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes.


Madigan urges people to research relief organizations before making donations. Under Illinois law fundraisers and charitable organizations are required to register each year with the Attorney General's office.


Madigan suggested the following tips for potential donors. Donate to charities you know and trust. Be especially careful online. Make sure the website you are visiting belongs to a legitimate, established and registered charity, and that the website and the charity match. Check out the charity with the Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator, GuideStar and the Attorney General's office. Never send cash. You can't be sure the organization will receive your donation, and you won't have a record for tax purposes.


Any suspicious solicitations should be reported to Lisa Madigan's Charitable Trust Bureau at (312)- 814-2595.

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