Concealed Carry Passes House Committee Thursday


Springfield - Opponents of concealed carry say that tighter mental background checks for gun owners and operators is the key to ending gun related violence.  

In Harrisburg Representative Brandon Phelps' latest concealed carry bill, that concern is addressed, and supporters say it will be the toughest bill in the country.

Lawmakers are running out of time to come to an agreement on concealed carry in Illinois.

"Right now, this Senate Bill 2193 is the only alternative we have before we go off the cliff," said Phelps before the House judiciary committee Thursday.

The cliff Phelps referred to is a June 9th federal court deadline.

To help pass the bill through the house, Phelps has included several guidelines in the legislation.

Phelps said,"you have to be 21.  You've got to pass the background checks, and it's a hundred and fifty dollar fee."

He called the bill the toughest mental background check in the country.

"Let me just say this too, and I know there's some members on this committee that really value the reporting of mental health.  We think that we not only did that, but now this is the strictest mental health law in the nation.  We don't want people that should not have guns, running around on our streets carrying.  So we think that we got that done in this bill," said Phelps.


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