Vietnam veteran walking for wounded warriors


At least 125 miles. That's the distance one Decatur man is walking this week. It's all for a good cause. Vietnam Veteran Ron Stephens has a mission and it's to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project with each step. The project supports severely injured veterans and their families. For every $100 donated, Stephens will walk a mile.

Stephens is walking about 15 miles Saturday. The walk will take him from Dale's Southlake Pharmacy in Decatur to Moweaqua. He'll be walking all week. His final destination: St. Louis.

"I'm ready, yes," Stephens said. "People say well how can you do that. Well, you know what it's walking. I don't run. I don't jog. I simply put my backpack on and head down the road."

Stephens was shot on duty, so he said he can relate to what wounded veterans are going through.

"I can identify," he explained. "I know how lonely it can be to be laying there in that bed and wondering, 'Gee, what am I gonna do. Things aren't like I planned.'"

Even though Stephens has started his walk, he's still accepting donations. Last year he raised more than $13,000 and walked to Springfield. This year he's still short of that goal but said he wants to exceed it. If you want to help, Dale's Southlake Pharmacy is accepting donations.

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