Conceal carry bill what will it mean for you


Springfield – With just 10 days left till a federal court deadline to pass concealed carry legislation, the Illinois General Assembly has taken major steps toward passing the bill.


Many are asking what the bill really means, and what will happen if Governor Quinn signs it. The bill would require those who apply for concealed carry to have 16 hours of gun safety training, except for military veterans who will be credited with 8 hours of training because of their military history. It would also lead to an eventual phase out of the current Foid Card.


Also included are some of the strictest mental health background checks in the country. The bill would prohibit concealed carry in such places as schools, taverns and parks, but allows a gun to be kept securely in a car.


Opponents say this will put more guns on the streets and an increase in gun related violence. Supporters say it's simply about people being able to protect themselves. Not surprising was the bi-partisan support for this bill, as well as the amount of disagreement between Chicago Democrats and the rest of the state.


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