Tree services swamped with storm clean up


WAND rode through Macon County neighborhoods Saturday to take a look at what the storm clean-up process was like.

It's been a busy day for Brandon Keppler and his crew. The Warrensburg Tree Service Company cleaned up tree damage after parts of Decatur were battered by Friday night's storm.

"Some way you're going to see this kind of storm damage anytime you have a tree located close to a residence," Keppler said.

He's answered phase one and phase two calls. Trees that have fallen on houses or power lines take priority. They're phase one calls.

"Phase two is just trees laying in front yards, not structure damage," he explained.

Larry Gooding was a priority call.

"I pulled up and I looked and it's like "Oh, wow," he described after a tree fell on his home.

"I'm looking out thinking well at least it's not like Oklahoma so I feel pretty good about that. I got a house still,"

Gooding imagined tree clean up alone will cost him a couple thousand dollars.

"There's not much you can really do, so you just got to pick up and start cleaning," he said.

"The first reaction you get is you feel sorry for the people," Keppler said. "It's not about coming out here and making money."

Keppler delivered tree services and even delivering coffee, all in a hard days work.

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