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The last week has been a complete whirlwind since announcing my pregnancy. First off, thank you to everyone who sent emails and Facebook comments. I lost track of the number of prayers said about Mr. Skry and I!

Now onto the fun stuff. I asked people for the best advice you could give me being a first time mom and there were definitely some common themes. A lot of you said patience is the key. Trust my instincts and try to stay calm even though some days may be chaotic (I'm guessing 90% of my days will be chaotic with 3!!!). Another common piece of advice: cherish every moment. Many of my friends with children say time flies by. So I fully plan to keep a baby book, a camera and a video camera nearby...I don't want to miss out on those special moments! That also includes lots of hugs and kisses, which I'm sure they'll be sick of by the time they hit their pre-teens. I also want to mention a lady I talked with at the grocery store. She had the cutest advice for me: It's ok to bribe every so often! I love this one because I remember be bribed when I was little. I remember going to get shots at the doctor and being told I could get a barbie doll if I didn't cry. You bet I didn't cry!

I have to admit, I thought I would get a few nasty comments mixed in with the well wishes. I have gotten used to the fact that not every viewers is going to like me. I fully expected an email of "I wondered why you were getting fat". Didn't happen (woohoo!). And while I did get hundreds of sweet comments, there were a few that had me scratching my head....and I thought I would share them with you.

"Triplets?!? Woah, glad it's you not me!"

This comment I've heard a ton. I have even overheard some coworkers saying, "So glad I'm only having one, not three". It hurt my feelings the first time, but I know that people mean well by it. Triplets will definitely be a handful, but my husband and I are thrilled. As I've mentioned before, we've tried for kids for years. If you ask anyone who has struggled getting pregnant, they will tell you a baby is a miracle. I look at it as getting three for the price of one! I know we have an uphill battle with my pregnancy and then having three babies the same age. But, I know we can handle anything, you just have to keep a positive attitude!

"Triplets?!? Are you going back to work??"

This one cracks me up. I have also heard this question a ton. Plain and simple, the answer is YES. I'm having three children, yes that will be a ton of work, but how do you expect me to pay for it? Both Ryan and I have to continue to work in order to support our kids. While many people enjoy being a stay at home mom, I won't have that flexibility. But the good news, I absolutely love what I do and love working at WAND. I look forward to finding a good balance between work and home....and also look forward to some adult interaction in between the constant diaper changes and feedings.

"Triplets?!? Did you use fertility treatment???"

Boy that's quite a question to ask a stranger! But, I've been very open about my pregnancy, so I didn't take offence to this one. Last week I mentioned how difficult it was for me to get pregnant, so I was happy when I got emails from viewers sharing their similar stories or asking questions about it. Triplets are a rarity, so it doesn't come as a huge surprise that people would assume we had help (though twins sure do run in our families!). I was told I had a 10% or less chance of getting pregnant on my own, so you can guess the route we went (wink wink). By the way-- next Thursday I'll be sharing my very personal struggle with infertility. I'll be writing a blog post that I hope you share with other and will also talk about it on the news.

Bottom line, I'm adjusting to life as a circus act or freak show. Triplets are obviously not very common, so it's been entertaining to see reactions from people. Are we scared? Sure. The thought of figuring out a feeding and changing routine can be overwhelming. Figuring out how I can work if I end up on bed rest, is definitely scary. But everything works out in the end. We are thrilled to be bringing 3 bundles of joy into this world and are so excited to join the small club of other triplet parents!

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HOLY COW...I'm having TRIPLETS!! (Riley doesn't seem too thrilled to have to share the spotlight!)

Did your jaw drop seeing my announcement? I found out months ago and I still haven't picked it up off of the floor!! Mr. Skry and I are so overjoyed with our impending arrivals later this summer. We have been wanting children for years and truly feel blessed that it is finally happening. Of course I should mention, this is a high risk pregnancy. So anything can happen down the road. But as my doctor mentioned, God only gives us what we can handle. Apparently He thinks I can handle a litter of children!!! Now I always vowed not to post ultrasound pictures on Facebook, but I figured it's not often that you see three in one picture. So here's a treat:

This was taken several weeks ago and is the only picture we have of all three together. So what was our reaction? Here's how we found out. This was a very planned pregnancy. I won't go into details because I plan on sharing my heartache and struggles with infertility in the coming weeks. But, we were hoping for twins. After a few weeks, it seemed like that would be the case. We went in at 6 weeks for an ultrasound and the tech started measuring the heartbeats. She got to A, then B, then announced there was a C. My jaw literally dropped to the ground. I was speechless (and anyone that knows me, knows that is nearly impossible to do). Ryan was beside me with a huge grin. It didn't faze him one bit. Even more surprised than me? Our doctor! It was extremely rare that we could end up with triplets, but we've got two healthy identical twins and a healthy fraternal. We refer to Baby A as the "loner" since he or she is enjoying extra space, while the identicals are stuck cuddling each other.

So the motherly instinct in me goes right into planning mode! Because there are 3 babies, I will definitely be delivering early... and that means less time for planning. I found a great group for multiples: Springfield Parents of Twins Club. I went to their annual big resale event and scored a massive amount of baby items! The best advice I've received so far--stock up now on diapers! I could be going through 20-30 diapers a day, so I'm slowing buying packs when they are on sale. I've been cutting coupons and scanning store ads for sales. The scary part for me--I'm a first time mother. That means I need EVERYTHING. I will be searching for hand-me-downs and have no problem buying plenty of things second hand.

So I have to ask--Did anyone watching the news have an idea that I was pregnant? I've been trying to hide it for months, but the last few weeks I have been stuck covering myself in black. Check out this picture. This is only a difference of one week... I'm huge!!! As my doctor often reminds me, "I'll get bigger than I could ever imagine". So beware, in about a month I'll look like a beached whale!!!

Finally, thank you for all of the well wishes. I do want to mention that this is a high risk pregnancy. I am being monitored by wonderful doctors in Springfield nearly every week. But, I do know that anything could happen over the next few months. We feel so blessed, but also are cautiously optimistic that I'll have a smooth pregnancy. You will probably start seeing a little less of me over the summer. I'll have to listen to my body (and doctors of course!) and will be spending more time at home resting. Please say a prayer for the babies and know that I'll keep everyone posted along the way. Thanks again, so happy to make my crazy journey public!

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We've been cooking up a storm for the last two months on WAND News. And if you have caught my "Stirring It Up" segment, you probably think my kitchen is fabulous! But here's a secret--It's not mine.

That kitchen in the background belongs to my producer Denise. Not only is she an amazing producer, she also has a knack for decorating. Her house is ADORABLE! Since I live in Springfield, it made sense to tape our segments in a different kitchen that's closer to the tv station. Plus, her's is much cuter than mine!

Check out the little items she added to her kitchen to make it more personable. A simple Decatur sign with other unique containers in the background. It's not just one little area, her entire house has a personal touch. And what I love the most--she does it on a budget! She is a huge fan of Pinterest and other decorating blogs. I've been trying to take after her with my kitchen, so stay tuned for a look at my "personal touches".

By the way, some viewers have asked me how we go about taping a cooking segment. While most dishes take at least an hour to cook, we fake it. I've taped many cooking segments and shows over the years. They can take hours to film, with a final product only a few minutes long. So, I make the dish ahead of time at my house and bring it over to Denise's. We film the finish product and I make sure to take pictures while I'm cooking to put on my blog. Ahhh, the magic of television!

If you haven't checked out my cooking blog, please do. This month we're making breakfast dishes. Next month, it's time to start barbecuing!

News & Nosh...News Anchor By Day, Wannabe Chef By Night

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