New App for Replanting Corn


Farmers made it through a drought last year and now they have to worry about flooding. However, a new app called Corn Replant Calculator will help make farmers' lives less stressful.

Dennis Bowman from the University of Illinois Extension said, "we had the formulas and as soon as we had the formulas all figured out, we were able to put it together."

In just three days, the Android app was available for farmers.

Bowman said, it helps them decide wether to keep an existing corn stand or start over.

"Before they decide to abandon an existing stand and pay and think about the expenses and to put in a new whole new planting, a lot of times you are much better off leaving that existing stand and save that money and have a better income at the end of the year," Bowman added.

Lori Jensen from the U of I Extension said, "everyone is working with apps and checking on things constantly, so I think it would be fascinating."

Carolyn Wallen also from the U of I Extension said, "that's information we need that we don't really normally have in your hand."

Simple enough for any farmer.

"I mean you start off putting in what is your yield expectation for the for the field if everything goes right, what is your population now, what is the date you planted and what date you think you can replant and then the current price for corn" Bowman told WAND.

He also said, once you put all of that information in, it will compare your yield potential from the planting dates and then give you a cost if you should replant. Then you can decide if replanting will make you enough money or leave what's planted, instead of investing more money in it.

You can only use it if you have an Android, but it will soon be available for iphones.

Follow the instructions for the Corn Replant Calculator and get started.

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