Be prepared for severe weather


As some people are cleaning up from damage, it's also a good time to prepare.

The sound of a weather radio and alerts people that severe weather could be close.

"After they've determined that they could be at risk by the storm, they need to find what their plan is for their house," said Lt. Jim Root of the Macon County Emergency Management Agency.

For most people, that means heading to the basement.

"Seek shelter down there," Root said. "You get down into a position, put something up over your head and crouch down against the wall."

And away from windows because Root added, "Those types of things become projectiles inside a home."

A closet on the inside of a home is another safe place.

"If these three walls stay in tact, all you're going to have is this 6 foot section right here that will be able to let things down in," Root explained.

Your bathroom may not be the best spot if it touches windows or outside walls.  If you're home or even business doesn't have a safe place, purchasing a storm shed is another option. The Decatur Earthmover Credit Union added a storm shed last year because the business doesn't have a basement.

"If I remember correctly, they said they dropped a combine on it and not a problem. No cracks, it doesn't affect it," described President of Decatur Earthmover Credit Union Barry Schmidt.

The shelter is stacked with water, lanterns, blankets, a first aid kit and batteries.

"As long as they can get through 20 minutes, half an hour, give the storm a chance to pass, they'll be alright," Schmidt said.

So next time severe weather looks close, be prepared.

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