Zeus Virus Sweeping Facebook


DECATUR-Zeus is the all powerful father of the gods in Greek mythology, but on your computer the Zeus virus is also something to be feared.

Now it's sweeping Facebook. Criminals are creating fake profiles and posting links to ads or video that often end in dot t-k. If you click, the virus is dormant in your computer, until you log on to your bank account. Then, Zeus the powerful uses your passwords to take your money.

Fans Against Kounterfeit Enterprise Founder Eric Feinberg traced links he was seeing to a Russian crime syndicate.

"These websites are hostile Russian Business Network and will contain some sort of the Zeus bot net malware."

So what to do if you get the virus?

"Contact your bank immediately if there's anything funny on your account," says Gretchen Murphy with Soy Capital Bank. "You will never be out that money. The bank will reimburse you that money if it is truly a fraud to your account."

But to save yourself from Zeus's wrath, just don't click in the first place.

Now this virus isn't new. It's actually six years old. It's just that it is regaining popularity. Some other quick tips: make sure your Facebook friends are people you know. And monitor your bank account frequently for fraud. That way, you can catch it early.

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