Free Credit Reports Not All Free


DECATUR-You've seen the ads on TV or online for companies that promise you a free credit report. But as it turns out, there are fees that most consumers don't know about.

When Carol Bailey's credit card was compromised, she wanted to protect herself.

"They said to be on the safe side, you probably should check your credit reports," Bailey says.

So she called ID Safelock.

"He said for one dollar and it was refundable within 30 days, I could get all three credit reports," Bailey says.

She gave her credit card number, but before the month was over, she received her bill, with multiple charges. One for $29.95.

"I said it cant be! it's not been 30 days," Bailey says.

The charge wasn't for ID Safelock but for Think Credit a company that monitors your credit.

"I mean, I felt it was very misleading," Bailey says.

Though she says she never authorized the service, she signed up for it when she didn't immediately cancel. But it's not just ID Safelock, many companies lure you in with a free credit report.

"Folks are getting tied into a monthly subscription service that they probably don't need" says

Chris Phillips with Land of Lincoln Credit Union."I don't recommend people do that because you can get those credit reports absolutely free."

Annual credit report dot com is a website through the government where you can check your credit report for free. Bailey says she wishes she would have done just that.

"They had me completely fooled," Bailey says.

The lure of "free" something she hopes you won't fall for.

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