Local defense attorney arrested for drugs


Decatur - A local defense attorney and her husband were arrested for possession of heroin.

Sara Ruff was arrested in the 500 block of East Elm Street in Taylorville, on May 22nd.  Police said they found Ruff and her husband with syringes, packaging material, a digital scale and more than $800 dollars at the home.

Ruff is not allowed to practice law for the time being.  She and her husband were charged with possession of a controlled substance.  According to court documents, Ruff's bond was modified so that she could go to rehab.

Macon County State's Attorney Jay Scott told WAND other attorneys will be assigned to Ruff's cases June 26.  That takes Ruff off a large case, the murder trial for LeAdrie Cunningham.

Back in 2008, 20-year-old Cunningham was stabbed 55 times.  Ruff requested reassignment from this case and others, so there will be delays.

Scott said the Cunningham case was by far the most involved case Ruff was in. And he said the bigger the case, the longer the delay. It could be as long as several months.

"The farther away from the alleged crime you are in many instances it can make proving the case much more difficult. Witnesses move, things happen to witnesses, memories get foggy, so we like to keep cases moving," Scott said.

The Cunningham case has already been delayed several times trying to get it to trial. Scott said one of the delays was a switch in the case when Ruff came in.

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