Businesses Still Cleaning Up After Tornado


DECATUR-It's been a week since a tornado hit Decatur causing about a two mile stretch of damage.

Doug Sroka has surveyed the havoc an f-1 tornado wreaked on his business. The roof and exterior signs gone insulation falling down merchandise hiding under tarps, ruined.

"It looked like they were going to come in with a bulldozer," Sroka says. "But they tell me that in three months, they'll have us back up and running."

They're completely remodeling the store, but until then, "we are going to be moving into the Sims lumber building," Sroka says.

Tampasis Computers next door is also heavily damaged.

"It was just a complete nightmare," owner Tony Tampasis says. "It's like a hand of God just came in and wiped us."

They've opened for business permanently at 3777 North Woodford and have already had their first customer.

And they're still cleaning up at Graceland Fairlawn cemetery.

They've had 30 trees fall and the Star of Hope Mausoleum was damaged. There are shingles missing from the roof, broken windows, and some brickwork gone. But they're lucky

"It's safe the crypts are in perfect condition," says manager David Goebel. And Sroka feels the same way.

"It can be replaced," Sroka says. "There's a lot of people less fortunate than I am."

And though it'll be months before everything returns to normal here, slowly but surely, they're getting back to business.

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