MidState soccer tournament in June for first time ever


Because of Mother Nature, for the first time in four years, one of Decatur's largest soccer tournaments had to be postponed. Saturday, teams finally got to compete.

"It has been a very tough spring season in terms of the weather," said Colin Bonner director of coaching of the MidState Soccer Club.

He said about 2,000 people will show up to this weekend's tournament. If things had gone according to plan, back in April, attendance probably would have been double that.

"So it dramatically shortened our teams down to about 60," Bonner said. Originally almost 120 teams were signed up.  Still he said he was happy with the turnout.

"But even then that was still a great achievement in the sense that it's vacation time. It's really a tough time to get teams to come out," he said.

Even though the number of teams were cut in half, all of the vendors still wanted to show their support for the local event.

"We made a commitment back in April," said Trevor Stalets Co-Owner of Coffee Connection.  "April probably would have been a little more conducive to coffee sales or hot coffee beverages," Still, fans and players proving they're in need of a pick me up."

"I think one of our first customers this morning was probably a 12-year-old girl who was asking for a hot latte," Stalets said.

Athletes also digging into colder treats.

"It is a steady business," said Kendall Peterson owner of CherryBerry. "As the kids get done with their game a lot of them come over here and have a yogurt then."

"I love CherryBerry and it's really cool how all these places came," said MidState soccer player Addie Fyke.

This weekend whether players win or lose, "It's just about having fun and playing with your team," Fyke said. Players are happy to finally get out on the field.

Bonner still expects the tournament to bring in around $20,000 to $30,000 about the same as in the past. All of that money will go toward the MidState Soccer Club.

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