CICBC Breaks Ground on New Building


Springfield - The medical industry has transformed the workforce in the capital city.

With St. Johns and Memorial Hospitals ever expanding on Springfield's north side, the Central Illinois Community Blood Center is expanding on the city's south side.

"This building is going to be about 27,000 square feet of office, medical distribution, storage, and a reference laboratory," said CICBC southern division President David Parsons.

With a $7M new building coming, that will mean new jobs.

"Currently the blood center employs about a 106 employees.  We think once this project is done, we will be able to add another five to ten," added Parsons.

Construction jobs will also be created as a result of the project, and these jobs are much needed in a time where unemployment numbers for the city are higher than leaders would like.

"As state government numbers have dwindled, the medical community has picked up the pace and they're really are our number one leader in terms of job creation and growth here in the capital city," Ward 6 alderman Cory Jobe told WAND News.

If all goes according to plan the project will be completed sometime in the fall of 2014.


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