Central Illinois Sees Warmest Temps of the Season Wednesday



Springfield - With temperatures in the low to mid 90'sm, and the sun beating down Wednesday, people at Knight's Action Park in Springfield were doing whatever they could to stay cool.

Staying cool can actually save your life when it comes to extreme heat.

The Illinois Department of Health says the temps can cause heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which includes such symptoms as dizziness, clammy skin, heavy perspiration, and muscle tremors.

However, it can be prevented with something as simple as shade and cold water.

"They're vital as well.  That's why we try to keep tents up.  We have all of our covered lifeguard stands.  We have a lot of shade trees and things of that nature.  And just making sure people take care of themselves is our main goal.  A lot of people, once they find out they're thirst, it's too late because he exhaustion has already set in, and that's we find out a lot of our problems start is they were too late getting to the water because they were drinking soda all day long," Knight's Action Park manager Cody Trigg told WAND News.

Something as simple as shade and water can be a life saver.

Even Ameren offered advice on how to beat the heat this year, staying indoors as much as possible while using your air conditioner.  They also recommend checking up on your elderly neighbors and making sure your pets have plenty of water as well.


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