Pool season brings drowning dangers


Hot weather means pool season is here but while many of us are out having fun in the sun, if swimmers aren't careful, it can also be a dangerous time.

"We want to have fun," Kelli Langston said. "We want to go to the pool and keep cool."

For the mother of three, that also means keeping safe.

"I have 100 percent confidence when they have their water wings on, their strappy water wings," she said.

She straps them in to flotation devices that belt around the waist.

"The floaties that are just the blow up kind that go on their arms have proven to not be as safe as most parents expect them," said Melissa Weaver Recreation Supervisor. "It's very easy for the wings to slide off of the child."

So no one at Fairview pool can wear them. And when water wings aren't the way, it's a lifeguard's duty to keep swimmers safe.

"It's drilled into you repeatedly what to do," said lifeguard at Nathan Smith

He's also trained to know what to look out for when someone's drowning.

"It's quick, jerky movements and they're doing anything and everything to keep their head out of the water," he said.

"A lot of parents think, "Oh, I can sunbathe by the pool and I'll hear my child drowning. That's not the case. It's going to be quiet. You must always keep your eyes on them," Weaver.

Or in Langston's case, always keep their wings on them.

"They wear their water wings and I can rest at ease," and sometimes join in on the fun.

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