Dad fights for fathers' rights


On Fathers Day weekend, most parents look forward to spending time with their children but not every dad has that opportunity.

The Illinois Fathers movement is all about parents who want to become bigger parts of their children's lives and one Christian County dad wanted to take his first steps toward having an impact at the Stonington Summer Fest Parade; the town he was born and raised in.

Shane Bouvet is taking a stand.

"I love my son and I want to be a major impact in his life," Bouvet said.

Nine months ago the 20 year old became a father.

"I've only spent 209 hours since my son's been born," he explained.

A court order has restricted how often he can see his son.

"It brought a fire into me to bring change and to adapt," he said.

Bouvet said he's the youngest advocate in the state for the cause and today he took a stand with friends and family

"I'm going to back him 100 percent," said his grandmother Phyllis Bouvet as he takes one step at a time fighting for equality, "I hope that it goes higher up because I hope nobody else ever has to go through this."

And that's why he's speaking out because he knows he's not alone.

"I'm ready to make a stand and bring change to the capitol," he said.

And the first steps start in Stonington. Bouvet said he got to spend four hours with his son Saturday and said that time meant the world to him.

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