Special session for lawmakers starts tomorrow


Springfield – Lawmakers will start a special session this Wednesday to try and end the pension deadlock.

The Senate Executive Committee could take up the pension bill this afternoon. House Speaker, Mike Madigan is moving ahead with a plan to try and push his pension fix through the Illinois Senate.

Madigan says the bill would save 187-billion dollars over thirty years. Governor Pat Quinn called lawmakers back to Springfield after the legislature adjourned last month, without settling on a fix for the state's 97-billion dollar liability.

Cullerton indicated that he might support a proposal that originated at the University of Illinois Institute for Government and Retirements. The proposal would include employees paying in more toward retirements.

The plan would also shift the employer portion of employee pension contributions from the state to the schools themselves. Lawmakers are expected to vote again on the Madigan backed proposal, but its fate is uncertain in the senate.  

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