Customers Overpaying Billions on Data Usage


When it comes to your cell phone bill, do you know how much data you are paying for compared to the actual amount you are using?

A whopping $1.4 billion dollars is what the Citizens Utility Board reported people in Illinois are overpaying each year on their data plan.

They got this number from a company that researched the amount of data that was unused.

CUB broke down the annual impact of wireless waste from city to city. Chicago came in first, with customers wasting more than $200 million. Springfield came in third at about $11 million. Decatur hits around $8 million and Champaign with almost $9 million.

Jim Chilsen the Director of Communications at CUB said, you can cut costs by using WI-FI, turning off your apps, see if your job offers carrier discounts and downsizing to a cheaper plan. There are also apps available that check your data usage.

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