New traffic routes in downtown Decatur



DECATUR -- Starting Wednesday, Decatur drivers will have to drive a new route to get around Central Park.

Traffic flow on the two streets on the north and south sides of the park is permanently changing.

Traffic will now flow westbound on South Park St. between Franklin and N. Water streets, and eastbound on North Park St. from N. Water to Franklin St.

Arrows and other signage will be up reminding drivers of the change.

Decatur City Manager, Ryan McCrady, said the city has tried minimizing the number of one-way streets in the downtown area for better access to local businesses.

And now that Water St. runs two ways, he said changing the route makes more sense with national traffic standards.

"Change is difficult, and we understand that," McCrady said. "We know traffic has flowed that way for a long time, but we're trying to make it safer in the long run."

This route change is part of the city's Streetscape Project.  Funding for re-striping the streets were included in the city's original bid to renovate Central Park.


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