Conceal Carry ok in Macon County


Decatur – Concealed carry is currently held up by appeals at the state level, but that is not the case in Macon County.


Macon County Sheriff Tom Schneider and State's Attorney Jay Scott say it is ok to carry.  Jay Scott advised that it is ok in self defense "if you're doing this for self defense, you're not out to commit some type of crime, you're not trying to threaten somebody or scare somebody, it's ok to have a firearm for your own personal defense."


However, they have laid out six conditions. You must have a Foid Card, you must have a concealed carry permit in another state, or have gone through hunter, military, law enforcement security, or firearm training. Also you must possess the weapon only for self defense, and you can not be involved in criminal conduct, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or prohibited by law or court to order from owning a firearm.


Those conditions are in place until there's a state law "this is a bridge between the time period to where hopefully something, the state will step in and make a decision" Sheriff Schneider explained.


Scott also added there is a warning for those breaking the rules "if somebody goes out and irresponsibly handles a gun or goes out and does any type of a crime, my office is going to go after them with everything that we've got."

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