Oasis Senior Center starts picking up the pieces after fire


It's been just one day since the Oasis Senior Center in Lincoln caught on fire from lightning, damaging the two story building, but it's never too soon for the town to start thinking about how they can bring the center back.

Ruth winter has been using the Oasis Senior Center for more than 20 years.

"Great place to come young or old," Winter said.

Often she looks forward to taking trips with the center.

"As a matter of fact we had one scheduled for July 7, so I don't know how that's going to turn out," she said.

Because last night lightning started a fire that burned for hours and damaged the two story building.

"It's still hard to believe even seeing it," Winter said.

Donna Becke saw the fire last night. She owns the Log Cabin Quilt Shop located right across the street.

"My sidewalk is full of black soot," she described. "Of course that is minimal to what happened next door, but I was just trying to sweep and clean up a little bit."

Her building was not damaged and while the senior center is just beginning to pick up the pieces, it doesn't mean it's the end of its services.

"I"I'm pretty sure Lincoln will have an Oasis Senior Center, yes," she said.

Executive Director Dominic Dalpoas is focusing on rebuilding the center one step at a time.

"What we'll probably end up doing is establishing a 'clean up' day where we kind of take everything out of the center," he explained.

That's when volunteers could help.

"There hasn't been anything this community hasn't responded to when it comes to this center," Dalpoas said.

Good news for members like Winter because the senior center can't come back soon enough.

"Just say some prayers and hope that we get it back soon," she said.

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