Boaters out, Decatur Lake water levels normal this time of year


Weather is always unpredictable but one thing people can count on this season is that local lakes are ready for boat goers all across Central Illinois.

Last year it was a dry site. Water levels were dropping as Lake Decatur was drying up

"It was pretty brutal," said regular boater Jeremy Cornell. "Everybody gets there vacation time and wants to spend it on the lake and it didn't get to happen."

A couple of docks had to be shut down last July.

"That was the first time we had to close that many ramps from being low water," said Decatur Lake Maintenance Supervisor Joe Nihiser.

But this year they're open because water levels are up.

"We are at a normal level this time for this time of the year," he said.

So boats are being unloaded, water goers are locked into life vests and hitting the lake.

"It's a good year," Nihiser said. "It's keeping us very active."

Nihiser said he's seen about 125 boats out on the water each day this weekend. That's on the low end of boat activity but just the beginning of what can be a busy season.

"The boating activity has picked up quite a bit and we expect it to pick up even greater during the holidays," he said.

Kyle Kovacs was not waiting for the holidays to test out his jet ski. This weekend was his first time out on the lake this year.

"Makes me happy that we can have something this convenient," Kovacs said.

And while last year there might have been more of an inconvenience, boaters and jet skiers are appreciating the time they have out on the water this year.

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