Debris Accumulating On Homes in Hoopeston


HOOPESTON - Four days after a massive fire broke out at the J & R Tire Service Inc. in Hoopeston, nearby residents are still dealing with the harsh effects.

Shelby Masdon, who lives on Chestnut Ave, a block away from the tire-recycling facility, says soot is steadily accumulating all over her yard and home. The debris has made its way inside her house, too.

Of particular concern is her husband's challenges with COPD, a lung disease.

Also battling the condition is her neighbor, Linzie Clayburn, who says he's had trouble breathing since the incident.

Clayburn says his family has spent hundreds of dollars trying to clean up the mess, and they can't afford it.

Clayburn hopes J & R will help pay some of the services. He says he is unable to pay an insurance deductible, if insurance could cover the clean-up.

Masdon says she reached out to her insurance provider, which could not guarantee that the clean-up would be covered.

On Sunday, J & R reps could not be reached for comment.

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