Tenaska Abandons Taylorville Clean-energy Project


Taylorville - For years the people of Christian County, and the city of Taylorville, hoped that the Tenaska clean-coal power plant would bring thousands of jobs to the area, and with them, a boost to the local economy.  Now, instead of having a field of dreams, now the people are left with disappointment.

Taylorville is the Christian County seat, and a quiet community, with many people driving out of town for work.

Many hoped for years that the proposed Tenaska project would bring new jobs, and economic growth, to Taylorville.

Taylorville mayor Greg Brotherton told WAND News,"it would have brought thousands of jobs to the area, and it seemed to make so much sense."

Brotherton said the city was counting on the new jobs, and feels let down by lawmakers.

"I think that's why we're so frustrated and have been frustrated.  Everyone that looked at this project, I mean really took the time to look at it, thought it made lots of sense.  We never could just get them on board with it.  It's very frustrating and the fact that this kind of story keeps repeating itself here in the state," added Brotherton.


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