"Food on the Move" Helps Kids in Coles County



Charleston- The community has come together to make sure kids in Coles County don't go hungry.

The Salvation Army's "Food on the Move" provides breakfast and lunch for about a thousand kids each week. School superintendents saw the need and many people came to the rescue.

"During the summer the parents are scrambling to come up with some way to feed their kids. So we noticed that some kids in our community are going hungry," said Capt. Erin Eddy from the Salvation Army.

There are about 83 days "Food on the Move" serves the children. More than 100 dollars are spent on just breakfast bags for one morning.

If you would like to donate or help out, call the Coles County Salvation Army at (217) 234-3915. They are in need of people to help fill bags and load and unload trucks.


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