Local Groups Happy With Supreme Court's Decision on DOMA


Springfield - Chicago State Representative Greg Harris has been the leader for the same sex marriage push in Illinois, and on the last day of the regular General Assembly, he gave a difficult, heartfelt speech to his colleagues.

"Several of my colleagues have indicated that they would not be willing to cast a vote on this bill today.  They've asked for time to go back to their districts," said Harris.

That left many wondering if same sex marriage would ever be legalized in Illinois.

Wednesday's Supreme Court ruling, turning down DOMA, gave those who support marriage equality a new sense of hope.

"I just can't tell you how amazing it feels to live in a country where everyone is truly starting to be come treated equal," said Scott Cross, press leader for Organizing for Action in Springfield.
"I'm extremely happy for those couples in the 12 states, the 12 states that it definitely affects," added Peggy Patty, who married her wife in Iowa four years ago.
Wednesday's decision even received approval from some religious leaders in Springfield.

"I think it reflects a change in tide within the national consensus.  It's just astounding and I think this decision reflects that there is a change in the national acceptance of people who are gay or lesbian," said Martin Woulfe, minister at the ALUUC Church in Springfield.

Now supporters want state lawmakers to follow the supreme court's lead.

"If they have got a marriage license, that's valid in a state, then why doesn't Illinois recognize that license?  And why doesn't Illinois give that license, if it's equal protection under the law for all citizens," said Patty.

While Cross added,"now you have 30% of the United States under marriage equality with what happened in California today.  Illinois lawmakers are progressive, for the most part.  We are not going to give up."


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