Baby Talk loses $3300 in funding


DECATUR - The not-for-profit organization "Baby Talk" will be losing funding from the Decatur Public Library.

The library has been struggling financially and is in the process of cutting expenses.

One of the expenses cut - a $3,300 annual contribution to "Baby Talk."

"I'm sad that they have to make these cuts. And I can relate because we have also been making very painful cuts over the last two or three years," said Claudia Quigg, "Baby Talk" Executive Director.

Baby Talk and the library have worked together since the organization was founded in 1986.

Baby Talk is hoping to use donations from other sources to keep its programs at the library operating without interruption.

According to its website (, "Baby TALK (Teaching Activities for Learning and Knowledge) is a community family support model which provides the framework to guide parent educators, teachers, social workers, family support specialists, nurses, physicians, librarians and city leaders in nurturing school readiness and optimal child development by supporting infants and toddlers and their parents."

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