Audit says one in seven Illinois roads need repair, drivers feeling the affects


According to a recent audit more than one in seven Illinois roads are in need of repair but dwindling grant money may not mean that's an easy fix.

Forty to fifty trucks, that's how many alignment technician Ron Lugari said he's taken care of each week, and each set of repairs costing drivers hundreds to thousands of dollars.

"It's definitely because of the roads," Lugari said.

Billions of dollars in a transportation grant enacted back in 2009 have aimed to fix the cracks, bumps, potholes and bridges, but dwindling funds have still left rocky roads in Illinois. Lugari said it's causing more damage to trucks these days.

"We've experienced more front end repair, suspension repair, shocks, tire rod ends, spring, king pins, all of that, more in the last five years," he explained.

But it's not just trucks that are suffering from rough road conditions. Drivers of all kinds are noticing their cars and wallets taking a hit.

"I would say between a thousand and $2,000," that's how much Jordan Villanueva has had to put toward car repairs in the past two years.

"It's a lot of money that I wouldn't really like to spend," he said.

And if drivers aren't spending the money on fixes just yet.

"Everyday I come over the hill on 51 North and there's an uncollared pothole there and I hit it everyday," said frequent driver James Elenbaas.

They're expecting too soon.

"Probably some suspension work I'll have to do," he said. "My car's getting a little bit older."

So it may mean business stays busy at Lugari's.

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