Local hospitals add remote video interpreter


It's a new device that doctors might use next time someone has a medical emergency.

It's in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and American Sign Language.

A new video feature the Presence Covenant Medical Center in Urbana along with Presence United Samaritans in Danville is adding to its interpretation services.

"In having this device, it's going to accelerate and help us figure out what is the need of the patient," Colonel said.

Because sometimes it can take hours to get a personal, on-staff interpreter.

"It can compromise the life of a person," she said.

But now while waiting, with a simple click, "in less than a minute, we will have an interpreter," Colonel said, by video or phone.

"I could ask the interpreter questions. They would ask the family. They would respond and we were able to communicate back and forth effortlessly," explained registered nurse Bethany Bleich.

She works in Labor and Delivery at the hospital. The video remote interpreter helped her take care of a Spanish-speaking family.

"When we asked them what they thought of it, they were very excited and said yes, that they loved it," she said.

Bleich too said it's quick and easy to use. As for Coronel she said the plan is to add several more languages to the video component in the next couple of months.

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