Shelter seeking more signatures for pet spay/neuter law


DECATUR -- Macon County animal shelters are packed to capacity, but one group wants to cut down on overcrowding with a mandatory pet spay/neuter law.

The Humane Society of Decatur-Macon County is forced to turn away up to eight pets every day.  More than 2,000 pets are put down at Animal Control each year.

The Humane Society has collected nearly 900 petition signatures for the law so far.

Irene Peterson said she's heard from a few folks who don't agree.

"They need to go out to Animal Control and spend a week seeing the number of animals that are coming in.. and the sick, in juried puppies and kittens that have to be euthanized," Peterson said.

Supporters can still sign the petition at the Humane Society on Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. in Decatur.

The petition has yet to come up for a city council vote.  The city wants to take time studying the issue before making any decisions.


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