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2nd Time Around; April and May 2013 Archives

 Pregnancy Brain
I'm going to try to remember some of my forgetful moments.  I know that's an oxymoron.  One was when my husband put dinner in the oven for the next night.  He had some maintenance to do outside and ask me to take it out in a half hour.  I was back at work when he texted me and told me I had forgotten dinner in the oven. OOOPS!  It was so far from my mind I actually wondered what the text meant for a second.  The next thing I can not remember for the life of me where I put a few things I need for this baby, that I had from when Ella was little.  Where or where could they be?

Another example: Ella's dance recital.  Did I buy tickets?  Nope.  Did I know when tickets went on sale?  Nope.  Did I even look?  I'm not sure.  Luckily, there is a second sale date.  We got tickets.  We will not have to send our 4 year old to dance into Kirkland to find her way all by herself and not have parents in the audience. 

The best one so far?  This is just down right silly.  My half sister is getting married in August.  I likely will not be able to attend as I would have just had Mr. Peanut.  When I got married (12 year Anniversary was Sunday!) My Step Mom and Dad offered for me and Scott to use their champagne glasses.  They say bride and groom on them and used them when they tied the knot.  We used them. My mom decorated them nicely.  I called my Step Mom and asked if her daughter would like them for her wedding.  She had completely forgotten about these glasses.  She texted me back and said Jayme would love them.  Okay--simple.  Go down the basement, get to the hope chest, go through it, find the glasses and mail them out.  Easy peasy, right?  What do I find as I'm huffing and puffing going through this stuff at 7 months pregnant?  Oh yeah, almost every wedding item I had, but the glasses!   I start racking my brain.  Then AH-HA!  I remembered, I think, that I did NOT put them in the hope chest, for fear they would break.  So where are they?  Hummmm.... I have moved at the very minimum 5 times since I've been married.  But I DO remember seeing those glasses recently.  And by recently I mean in the last 5 years.  With my mom here, I make her drag stuff out of storage.  No GLASSES!  Grrrr...    So with my pregnancy brain I can not remember the "safe" place I put them.  But I can tell you they are somewhere.  I have to call my Dad and Step Mom and say--"Oh, I'm so sorry I offered up something I have no idea where it is, if I have it at all, but I don't have the energy or brain power to look for it for the next two months."  How embarrassing.  Who does that?  This girl.  It's exasperating.  This baby has zapped my brain.  Completely.  If it is not written down, it will not happen.  Even when I walk from upstairs to downstairs to get something.  Most of the time I have no idea what.  I was even mentioned in a friends blog because of pregnancy brain. 
You can check that out by clicking here. 
The good news?  My lovely pregnancy brain should be all cleared up by the time I get back from Maternity Leave.


My Only REAL Pregnancy Problem

I only have one real pregnancy related issue.  Varicose veins in my legs.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure my husband will tell you I can complain with the best of them.   Yes, I'm tired, emotional, forgetful, etc.  But those are all common, simple pregnancy problems.  My varicose veins are a little more complicated.
I had them when I was pregnant with Ella.  It came on at about 6 months pregnant.  I didn't know what it was until the doctor told me.  The solution?  Beautiful support hose.  You know, thick, opaque, fake tan color support hose.  They are lovely. They come in "maternity" too!  But the real problem happened after I delivered Ella.  On the day I was supposed to be released from the hospital, about 5:30 in the morning when I went to go change her diaper, the side of my leg really hurt.  I mean like someone hit the side of my leg by my knee with a baseball bat.  I mentioned it to the Doctor.  It was a blood clot.  Eeek.  So I had to go for ultrasounds on my legs.   Luckily it was not a deep vein clot, just the superficial vein.  I was sent home with aspirin/heat treatment.  To make a long story short, it got worse.  More clots. My leg was hot, red, and hurting.
Next step to a vein doctor.  Here I am, the youngest person in the office, leaving my 4 day old baby at home.  Best or most gruesome part?  He had to get the clots out of my leg!   They take a needle, try to suck them out then squeezed the rest out like a zit.  My mom was with me.  She started to faint and had to go lay down!  We still laugh about it.  I didn't think it was that bad, since I just had a baby, but I wasn't watching it either.   On top of that I had what looked like an iodine colored lightening blot down my leg.  Doctor was not sure if that was ever going to go away, but it did, thank God.
Here's a fun part-- I was told if I wanted to have more kids, to start wearing my support hose again while trying to conceive!  How does that work?!?!!!  Fast Forward to this pregnancy.  It gets worse with each pregnancy (according to books).  Now I have varicose veins in both legs, probably since being pregnant for 10 weeks. My legs are embarrassingly ugly with my goobally veins. Scott, my husband, looks at my legs without the hose on and feels sorry for me.  The support hose help, but isn't that going to be fun to wear in the summer?!  I can't wait.  Sense the sarcasm! 
I am lucky I don't work as a stylist or cashier or a place where I'm on my feet all day.  That would make them worse.  During the weather casts or in sports, my feet are up on a chair.  I'm trying to take preventative measures.  I just am hoping after this delivery I don't get the blood clots again.  But if I do, I now have a vein specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Trachtenberg, who can get to me right away.  Here's wishing my legs a pain free, cool summer, and NO CLOTS!


The Nursery
I have nothing done with his room.  I do have the bedding, courtesy of my Mother-in-Law.
I love it.  When you order something off the internet you just don't know how it will look and feel when it comes.  It is soft and the colors are beautiful.  Funny story when I was searching and crawling the web and Pinterest looking for his perfect bedding.  I would show my husband who said what does it matter, just get blue.  Then he suggested Green Bay Packer bedding.  I laughed, but decided to humor him and look it up.  Most of it is handmade and sold on Etsy (a site to sell homemade items, it's a great site!) or sold on Ebay.  After seeing it I texted him "Packer bedding--NEVER!!"  Not only are hunter green and gold not the color scheme I ever planned on going for, it is too busy and lets be honest--down right hideous! 

And although this baby boy won't care what his room looks like when he is 0-3... I do.  And he'll get his choice of Pokemon or Packers when he's older. So for now I get to use a side hobby of decorating to make it the warm, lovely, baby room of my choice!! 


More Doctor's Appointments
This pregnancy is going by so quickly!  I now go see my doctor every two weeks.  I can't believe it!  He will be here in a just a bit and that will fly by! 

This past appointment was so very special!  I am still tingling and amazed.  At my 27 week appointment I had another ultrasound.  First thing upon looking at his face is that he has "fattened" up a bit.  It is so neat to see!  The first thing he was doing was "nom, nom, nom" with his mouth.  Adorable!  He's estimated at 2 pounds 4 ounces.   He's just perfect.  He's in the 44th percentile right now.  50 is right on, above 50% is a big baby, below smaller.  Ultrasound tech said he is just slightly under 50% so nothing to worry about, but I'm not likely to have a huge baby.  But that I already know.  Ella was only 6 pounds 4 ounces.  I never anticipated him being a 9 pound baby or anything.  My husband was a small baby and I was a small baby.  Ella was small, but perfect too.  

Toward the end or even now people say "you look big" well I think that's just what people say to pregnant women.  Let's not forget TV makes you look bigger.  Certian maternity clothes make you look bigger.  And honestly, as long as he's healthy I don't care how "big" I look.  That can always be worked off after!!

 After measuring him, which was the purpose of the ultrasound, I asked if she could try for a profile picture of Mr. Peanut.  I only have one, which is in the blog here.  The rest are front facing.  She got the best profile picture.  Then to my surprise she switched it to 3D.  I don't think there was even a 3D option with Ella.   I'll be honest sometimes I see a 3D ultrasound picture on the internet and I think I can't see that or that's creepy.  Well--not when it's your baby!!  Again, I'm still in amazement.  He looks like Ella!  He was using my uterine wall as a pillow so we couldn't really see the top of his face, but his nose and mouth look just like Ella's!  I couldn't believe it.  With Ella I had nothing to compare it to.  I didn't know what a person with the combined DNA of me and my hubby would look like.  Now that I have a reference it was so cool!  What a great experience!
Here is the profile picture. 

None of the 3D ones turned out super clear so I will not post that, but I hope anyone having a child soon can experience what I did.   Overwhelming joy at the sneak peek at the little bundle soon to be apart of our family!



The BABY Boom!

First things first-- I did not start this!  Our morning editor Tanieka is due in June.  I'm due in August and the rest of pack--Stacey Skrysak, JC Fultz, Kevin Chierek, and our morning producer Kyle's babies are all due in September.  Well we hope Stacey makes it until September.   As many of you have mentioned, there is either something in the water or as our General Manager points out, he threw a really fun Christmas Party!!   It doesn't make any difference to me it is still a blast.


Our downtime here consists of baby chat.  How we feel, how their wives are feeling, what we're having (JC and Ashley are the only couple not finding out the sex of their baby before hand), name ideas, showers, etc.  It is very fun.  All of my co-workers will be first time parents. Maybe they consider me the old pro?  I'm not sure, but I have a fabulously well behaved, beautiful and funny 4 year old so we must have done something right!  I can only hope things go as smoothly with Mr.. Peanut as they did with my daughter.  Many people stop me when we are out and I love it .  Your well wishes for me and all of here at WAND are truly appreciated and well received.  I thank you for all your support and prayers!!


The name game
Many of you have asked if we have a name picked out for our little guy yet.  Yes and no.  My husband has a name he is insistent upon.  This name has been his favorite since before we knew Ella was a girl.  I am surprised he is still in love with it.  However, he says he is open to other options.  I come up with names and he makes these awful faces and noises and says "No!" immediately.  If you are open to other suggestions then why do you automatically say NO?  He says it's because he knows what he likes.  Hummmmm.  Not so sure about that.  I'm also convinced one of the names he recently threw out was to make his other name sound like a dream.  It was one of the worst names I've heard.
I will say I do not dislike the name he has picked out, but I am not IN LOVE with it.  But then again, I'm not IN LOVE with any boy's name.  I am in love with Ella's name and can easily think of 5 more girls names that I really like and would love to name a girl. 
I will say this is how it was the first time around too.  I think boy's names are harder than girls.  Notice how I'm not giving his "perfect" name away or his "awful" name or any of the names I am okay with or really don't like.  That's because it could be your name.  And I'm assuming your mom loved it.


Car Seat Update   
Update, update, update--and it's a good one!   I called Evenflo.  And they told me where to look on the car seat for the date of manufacture.  Good news!  I was looking in the wrong spot.  The lady on the phone was very nice and asked for the serial number and told me the expiration date on the car seat is not until December of 2014!  Whoo hoo!  So happy I don't have to make this investment again.  I did have to have an avalanche of stuff fall on me to find the correct sticker on the car seat--but you know what?  With that savings, it was worth it. 




Car Seat Madness

Ella is 4 years old.  She will be 4 and a half when this baby gets here.  We got her car seat new in 2008, the year she was born.  If you didn't know--car seats expire.  Yes, they do.  Check out the link at the end for more information.  In short, they last either 5-6 years.  Reasons for expiration that are sited include breakdown in plastic, Styrofoam, etc. 

Mine should be fine.  I should get another year out of it, right?  Ella's baby stuff is long since packed, stored, up in the attic or hanging out in storage in the basement.  A light went off that I should check the date of manufacture on her car seat--you know--just to be safe.  Keep in mind its under a bunch of other baby stuff.  I tried to peek under the car seat cover without having an avalanche of all the other stuff.  What I saw made me see red.  Keep in mind, I do not know for sure what I saw is even what I was looking for--but hormones and all--I am angry.  From the quick glance of all the numbers on a sticker it says 05/06.   Is Evenflo telling me that the car seat I purchased in 2008 was sitting in a warehouse or on a store shelve for more than 2 years?!   How irritating.  I could see if the manufacture date was in the beginning of 08, hey I'll even take December of 07.  But MAY OF 2006.  Come on.  

No worries, I will be digging further into this date: #1 to make sure I'm correct And if I am: #2 a strongly worded letter to Evenflo.  The car seat and stroller (travel system) was a hefty price, which I may not get use out of.  I would expect some sort of discount on the purchase of a new car seat.  And lets not forget--I have the bases for both mine and my husbands car for this expensive little infant car seat.

Bottom line.  I am a good mom.  I understand safety.  I'm not going to buy one from a garage sale.  But I hope a car seat company can't scam a good mom because it let a car seat sit around for more than 2 years.



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