Taylorville Inmates Build 200th Habitat for Humanity Home


Taylorville - A saw, a hammer, and hard work, everything you might expect to see when building a new home.

However, you may not expect to see that home being built at a prison.

On Wednesday, inmates in Taylorville built their two hundredth home for Habitat for Humanity.

"When they see that these are being given to good use once they're completed, it's something, it's morale boost for them as well," said acting warden George Good.

Inmates like Adriel Israel said they're glad they're able to give something back to society.

"It gives you a good feeling knowing that you're putting your hands on something that's going to last for a long time.  You're helping somebody out in a real dire situation," Israel told WAND News.

After spending time behind bars, Israel says this program has helped him see things more clearly.

"I've only been here in this class for 3 months, and I've learned so much already.  We as people, we're going to make mistakes, and if you make mistakes, there's always time right those wrongs.  Don't let something you did in the past, deter you from doing right in the future," added Israel.


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