Scammers Using Auto Wraps As Lure


DECATUR-Cashing in on making your car a moving advertisement. Sounds good right?

It's too good to be true.

Auto wraps are decals that cover a vehicle and turn it into an advertisement on wheels.

But scammers are trying to fool you.

They say they'll pay you to wrap your car.

They send you a fake check. Tell you to keep a portion and wire the rest to pay for the auto wrap.

But then when the check doesn't clear you're left footing the bill.

Scott bowers at Decatur's Dynagraphics says legitimate businesses don't solicit this way.

"They would not ask you for money in advance," Bowers says. "They would not send you a check. and ask you to cash it and send a portion to them."

Generally, they send you an email first and then FedEx you the counterfeit check.   

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