Food Stamp Cuts to Hurt Americans


A house farm bill passed without funding for the food stamp program. Some republicans like the change, but many democrats said, it's not time to trim the program.

About $47 million people are on food stamps. That means the average person gets $130 a month and nearly $270 dollars goes to a household per month. However, this depends on how many people they are caring for.

The amount of money on American's link card each month may soon change.

For more than 40 years the food stamp program has been apart of the farm bill. Now some lawmakers in congress will deal with nutrition assistance separately. This boils down to a push to cut the food stamp budget by 3% and add more requirements for people on and hoping to get on food stamps. Some people said, the cut will be felt beyond the grocery store checkout lane.

Stacy Dean, from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said, "we'd see hunger and increased hardship, for sure."

While others think a change is needed.

Jade Morey added, "I think they need to be drug tested for people that get the link cards. If it's drugs in their system, they shouldn't get it."

JoAnn Bauer can reason with both sides of the debate.

"You can never govern somebody's health," Bauer told WAND.

However, both Bauer and Morey know people take advantage of the system.

"They ask questions you know, but people lie a lot," Morey said.

"My biggest concern is that we get into the habit of expecting that and it goes on for generation after generation and so that's probably why it's come up that it's overburdened," Bauer said.

As costs skyrocket for the $80 billion program, that's providing assistance for one in seven Americans, many people said, they can't help but to feel sorry for those who desperately rely on link cards and hope for a quick change for people misusing the help.

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