Be careful when buying pets on Craigslist

DECATUR -- Not selling your pet with a price could put its life in danger, and giving a pet away for free could put it at risk for abuse.

Among the free pets posted on the Decatur Craigslist website, one post warns of scammers that will abuse pets and use them for bait in animal fighting.

The Macon County Animal Shelter advises pet buyers and sellers to run background checks and ask for vet records to ensure pets won't be abused or end up on the streets.

Animal Shelter Board Member Shelley Phillips said she hates seeing more animals wind up in the full shelter.

"But at the same time I don't want these animals dumped out in the country somewhere in 100 degree [weather], having to fend for their lives."

Phillips said not all posts on Craigslist are bad.  Many animals have been put in touch with great homes there.

However, like with any private sale, she advises doing research first.

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