Unexpected summer dangers


In this heat people don't have to be doing strenuous activity to put stress on his or her body. Simple day to day tasks like mowing the lawn or running for groceries can become dangerous if he or she doesn't take proper precaution.

Whether someone's out doing his or her job or just trying to have fun under the sun, "Definitely need to prepare yourself when you come out on a day like this," said mini-golfer Megan Cundiff, typical day to day activities can pose unexpected dangers.

"Even the simple activities can be harder because given heat along with the humidity along with the heat index," said Dr. Maria Granzotti of St. Mary's Hospital.

Tasks as simple as mowing the lawn become more difficult in the heat.

"It's a little bit harder to get through and if it gets really hot, it's harder to breathe sometimes so that would be the worst thing for me," said Cameron Dennison of Family Lawn Care.

"If your body is so stressed to the point of trying to keep up with the heat exposure, any type of cardiac event can happen and even something like a heat stroke can happen," Dr. Granzotti said.

Cars can get hot and if you left it sitting in the sun earlier in the evening, like for a quick trip to the grocery store for about 15 minutes, the temperature could have risen almost 30 degrees.

"The longer you're not able to get cool, the longer you're not able to get hydrated, you're sweating, those electrolytes, so the longer you're sitting there The harder it is to catch up with those electrolytes," Dr. Granzotti said.

So the more important it is to stay hydrated. She added that some studies recommend cooling off every 10 to 15 minutes.

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