Helping Disabled Students with Therapy Thursdays


Forsyth- Many people have walked past Sharp's Taekwondo inside of Hickory Point Mall in Forsyth. On late Thursday afternoons, Master Josh Sharp teaches a class that is more than just for physical training.

Master Sharp teaches a therapy class with young men who are disabled. He has a special bond with the kids and have taught some of them for years. Their relationship travels beyond the studio.

"All of the kids in the class really have bonded. When you see them at like tournaments because there is a tournament in November, around the ring and they're going go BJ, go Allen. You know, just rooting each other on and they really have formed a special bond with each other," said Bryan Maple.

All of the parents are proud of how well their children are doing with Taekwondo and the mental and physical skills it's teaching them for everyday life.

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