Clinton Fire Destroys Four Apartments; Two Businesses


Clinton - Just blocks from the Clinton Fire Department a building containing a telephone business and four apartments, went up flames around 5:00 A.M. Friday, leaving the owners in shock.

Robb Hawkins owns Advanced Telephone and Technology on the bottom floor of the building.

"It got to the point where we thought it was going to maybe just be smoke damage.  All you seen was smoke, no flames or anything, then they vented the roof and then you just seen all the flames pile up," said Hawkins.

Anjanette Louallen owns four apartments destroyed in the fire.

"I was shocked, I was sad.  I mean it was my building and I loved it.  I mean, that was special, and you can't replace that," said Louallen.

While saddened by the fire's destruction, both are already planning for what comes next.

"The business will get opened back up as soon as possible and get back out there working," said Hawkins.

"Well the next step's will be working with the insurance companies, and then probably figuring out if I'll have to get rid of it or demolish it.  After that, we'll have to look for a replacement," Louallen told WAND News.

Firefighters are continuing continue to investigate what sparked Friday morning's fire.

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