Decatur police add armored crime-fighting vehicle


A new addition to the Decatur police department is a force to be reckoned with out on the streets.

"Whenever we have a hostage or barricade situation, an officer that needs rescue, a civilian that needs rescue, you have to put people in harms way," said Lt. Cody Moore of the Decatur Police Department.

Now local law enforcement will be able to handle those situations efficiently and safely.

"We have one. We don't have to wait for one to arrive from somewhere else," Lt. Moore said. "It lessens the opportunity for someone to injure an officer or another civilian."

The money for the vehicle was given to the department by an anonymous donor. The average cost of an armored car like the one the department has is around $200,000. The police force had it custom made to fit their needs.

"We're dealing with a vehicle that's extremely heavy and as we go through here you'll see why," he said.

Lt. Moore couldn't tell WAND every detail about the vehicle for security reasons but he could give us an overview of certain features, like a 3 foot round opening at the top of the vehicle, giving the team an overhead view of a situation.

So far the car doors have been closed except for training, but everyone on the emergency response team is capable of using it.

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