Coffee Connection goes mobile


It's a local shop that customers may have visited before or perhaps it's visited them. Decatur's own Coffee Connection has added a mobile cafe to its business.

The latest Coffee Connection concoction has four wheels and can serve customers just about anywhere.

"This is basically a shop on wheels," said Co-Owner Trevor Stalets.

Whether customers like their drink ice cold or with a whipped top, the mobile cafe can serve every drink the shop does.

"Every year business has grown," said Co-Owner Julie Stalets.

The Stalets have owned the coffee business for four years. It started when Julie was laid off from her job in the banking industry.

"When they started having problems with the economy, and the mortgage industry, that's when they eliminated my department," Julie explained.

"This was a sign that it was time to do something different," said her husband Trevor.

And Julie has never looked back.

The demand for the coffee got so high that the Stalets figured out a way to bring the shop to the customers instead of the customers always having to go to the shop.

"It's just a win, win," said Relay For Life Logistics Chair Mark Drain. "It's easier. I don't have to worry about setting up as much logistically powered and stuff like that."

The Stalets serve coffee at events all over town like at Friday's relay for life event, and earlier in the summer at a youth soccer tournament. But the truck won't stop its services there.

"The goal is to run a route with it, pick different businesses, locations to go to," Julie said.

So it can keep delivering customers "the best cup of Joe in town."

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