Searches Continues for New Springfield Police Chief



Springfield - On Friday, Mayor Mike Houston announced that he was accepting the retirement of police chief Robert Williams. 

Amid concerns from the community, city leaders are saying there is no need for concern, and that the police will continue to serve and protect, and that everything will work out in the end.

Williams spent 26 years on the job with the Springfield police, serving as chief of police for the last four years.

After Friday's announcement, the city is now looking for his replacement.

This includes looking within the Springfield police force, as well as outside the force, according to the mayor's executive assistant Willis Logan.

"We want to spread the net as far and wide as possible," said Logan.

Without a police chief in place, some in the community worry about the city's safety.  However, Logan said there is no need to panic.

"There absolutely no problems.  We have a police department that is functioning well.  They are made up of men and women who know their jobs," Logan told WAND News.

Without a top cop currently in place, their jobs become that much more important.


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