St. Teresa High School approves $2 million renovations


It's the next phase in a series of renovations at a high school in Decatur. This time St. Teresa is spending $2 million on updating its athletic facilities.

Since 2011 the school has been collecting donations for their Believe, Build and Become campaign. In two and a half years the school has collected around $6 million. And now the latest stage in the phases of renovations: $2.1 million in renovations to its physical education facilities.

The plans are on paper now, and once work starts, in just 280 days, St. Teresa Catholic High School will have a brand new, state of the art physical education facility.

"We know that we need to be competitive with what's happening the public school system so updating facilities was top of mind," said Campaign Co-Chair Aimee Fyke.


Because parts of the building haven't been updated for about half a century.

"You're standing in the vestibule of the gym," said Campaign Coordinator Richard Smith. "This gym was built in the mid-50's."

He pointed out a brand new weight room, training room, coaches' offices, locker rooms and more.


"It's time to move on, to upgrade the facility," Smith said.

Campaign leaders say hundreds of donors have contributed to make the project possible.

"We're very grateful for the whole community for the support we've had for the last three years," Smith added.

The new facilities will be used by everyone and with 85 percent of its student population participating in sports, it's an important addition to its athletic program as well.

"I've talked to all the coaches," Smith said. "They think this is great. They're ready to go."

And the project will be ready to go in just a couple of weeks.

The school is already looking ahead to phase four, the last phase of the project. The school has its eyes on fixing the outside athletic fields like the football field and track.  That project might also cost around another $2 million, but none of those plans have been approved yet. They do not intend to move forward until they have the money. Campaign leaders said they are still accepting donations.

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