MasterBrand Executive: Man injured while repairing sawdust equipment


A contractor for a Central Illinois cabinet manufacturer was injured while making repairs to sawdust equipment. It happened earlier today in Arthur at MasterBrand Cabinets Inc.

Robert Jacobs Executive Vice President of Human Resources said that a man suffered injuries to his feet and legs after making repairs to its sawdust collection system. Jacobs said he was told the man had to be airlifted from the facility. He was talking and conscious at the time. WAND spoke to workers as they were going in and out of the building, including the man who says he made the 911 call. They said it happened earlier this afternoon and that the man fell into a dust collector.

Jacobs said it's common to bring a contractor in to make repairs like this and he said these types of accidents do not happen often. He said the company, "manages their safety aggressively." Jacobs said MasterBrand will do a full investigation to find out more details about what happened.

This is MasterBrands only Central Illinois location. The cabinet manufacturing company employs at least 700 people.

Police are not releasing any information just yet. One worker said the injured contractor works at a company in Decatur, but police and Jacobs have not confirmed that information.

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