Garrett learns how to recover from tornado after disaster drill recreates damage


In Garrett, more than 200 people participated in the recovery phase of a disaster drill. They picked up after the small town was hit by a re-creation of an E-F-2 tornado. Roads were blocked off.  There were down trees.  Ropes were stained to look like down powerlines and first responders faced overturned cars as well. The drill even included an injury and death count.

"The men and women that did this to Garrett the past couple of days did a phenomenal job," said Eddy Weiss Director of Chasing4Life. "But I think it's crucial to the success of this exercise because when these responders came into Garrett today they felt it, they could see it, and sometimes that's really what it takes."

The purpose of today's event was to learn how the town can better handle a disaster. Emergency crews will analyze what worked and what didn't work and what they will need to fix in order to better serve the community.  Officials said they expect this drill to increase disaster response time and efficiency.  They said it will save more lives in the future. 

The drill had to be cut short due to an accident at a nearby cabinet factory in Arthur that required emergency crews.

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