Young boy making a big difference


One young man is making a big difference here in Decatur. Thirteen-year-old Hunter Rau is cleaned up the Old King's Orchard Community Center lot as part of a Boys Scouts Eagle Troop project.  Now he looks forward to how he can bring new life to an empty lot.

"We're cleaning out the area," Rau said. "This could be the start of many other Eagle projects."

He is on a mission to make a difference.

"I wanted to give back to the community," he said.

 "Our goal is to clean these trees out, clean the lots up and develop a park here for the kids to play in," said Bob Whitten one of the Board of Directors of Old King's Orchard.


"It's important for the community because we're trying to develop something for the underprivileged kids to do in Decatur," Whitten said.

Rau and Whitten completed phase one of the project, the clean up phase. Now they're ready to move on to phase two and three.

"We hope to have a fundraiser where we can raise up enough money to buy the equipment and then install it and then later on develop the area for the kids to play in," Whitten explained.

The lot that was once filled with trees, is now empty and ready for the next step. Perhaps adding a park or basketball court.

"I am very proud of the progress," Rau said. "We did very good."

And now a simple grass-filled field means something special to Rau. Because each time he drives by, one thing will go through his mind, "I did that," he said.

Phase one is done. Now it's on to phase two.

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