Clarification: Former DeWitt County Board Chair Calls for Declaratory Lawsuit


DEWITT COUNTY - In July, a surveillance video stirred up quite a bit of controversy at the DeWitt County Board.

On Tuesday, July 30, former DeWitt County Board chairman Charles L. Wilson of Clinton called upon county board members and other county officials to support a proposed resolution calling for filing of declaratory lawsuit to settle differences of opinion between former board member Rusty Davenport and county board leadership versus individual board members and county board leaders' authorities for meetings and meeting agendas.

Wilson believes that the county board chairs do have the authority to set the county board's agenda. In the previous article, it was incorrectly stated that Wilson felt the actions by the chair were criminal. Wilson says he does not believe the acts were criminal.

Former board member Rusty Davenport said back in March the chairwoman and another board member had a breach of ethics and broke the law. Surveillance video showed the board chair, Sherrie Brown, and another member entering the building and re-posting an agenda with a removed item.

Sherrie Brown believes that her posting was not an illegal act, since it removed an item after the forty-eight-hour deadline, instead of adding an item. Ongoing disputes continue to challenge the current board's reform majority.

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