Anniversary dates for two murders approaching, police still seeking tips


Decatur – The Decatur Police Department and the Macon County's Sheriff's Office are still seeking information about two murders.


With their anniversary dates approaching the agencies are offering a reward for any anonymous tips leading to an arrest for the murders of Sherry Lewis and Caleb Witty.


Sherry Lewis, 30, a Macon County area real estate agent, was found murdered on August 8, 1994, at a residence for sale on Finch Drive, West of Greenswitch Road.  This murder occurred in Macon County's jurisdiction and is still being investigated by the Macon County Sheriff's Office today.  It remains unsolved.  The Macon County Sheriff's Office Detective Division can be contacted by calling 424-1337.


Caleb Witty, 17, was walking with his sister on August 4, 2011, in the 2200 Block East Johns Avenue, Decatur when he was murdered during an armed robbery.  While the investigation has remained open and active, Decatur Police Detectives are seeking additional information.  The investigation remains unsolved.  There were two persons involved in the Robbery/Murder of Caleb Witty.  Decatur Police Detectives can be reached at 424-2734.


The reward is for $10, 000 from Crime Stoppers. However, tips must be provided to Crime Stoppers by August 31, 2013. To submit a tip, call 423-TIPS.

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