Investigation of Rochester Homicide Continues Wednesday



Rochester - Police in Rochester continue their investigation of an apparent homicide of an elderly woman last week.

EMT's were called to a home at 6 Willimantic at about 9:30 last Thursday night.
78 year-old Norma Lipskis was pronounced dead by Sangamon County Coroner Cinda Edwards at the scene.
After conducting an autopsy on Monday, Edwards made a discovery that would send shockwaves throughout this quiet village.
Now the Rochester police and Sangamon County deputies are searching Lipskis' home for clues to what lead to her death.

Meanwhile, neighbors remain in shock about her suspicious death, and are more watchful for any suspicious behavior.

"We're keeping our eyes open.  It makes us more cautious of vehicles that we don't know of coming through here," said neighbor Edward Minor.

As the investigation continues, deputies will have a 24-hour presence at the home.


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