Heroin cases on the rise in Champaign County


CHAMPAIGN - Clinical officials say the number of people seeking help for heroin addiction is on the rise.

According to Carl Agoston, Clinical Director at A & L Counseling Services, the drug is swiftly becoming a popular trend in the county, and a killer.

He says it's a drug that "doesn't discriminate" and he's treated people of all different professions, ages, etc.

Compared to many other drugs, heroin is cheap and easy to attain. Overcoming the addiction, however, is a challenge. Agoston says heroin withdrawal symptoms are more physically and emotionally draining than most others.

Signs of heroin use are often visible. Users may appear fatigued, slur their words, and have noticeably darker eyes. Sometimes, however, symptoms aren't noticeable.

Agoston suggests users seek immediate clinical help. Specialists can provide therapies, medication or other means of support to help users beat the addiction.

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